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Eminent Medical Supplies is a medical device company based in Charleston, South Carolina. They approached us with their idea for a new product called the BedCaddy. It is a small, lightweight and disposable bedside storage pouch meant to be placed over the arm rail of a hospital bed. It’s purpose is to help patients keep their personal items organized and within reach. It also gives the hospital a place to store small items such as remote controls and prescriptions.

The client had the product fully developed but needed a way to present it to the world. We thought this was a great idea and accepted the challenge by designing the visual branding, logo and product packaging. Next we partnered with Joseph Bradford for a custom video/photo shoot at a local hospital and then developed an eCommerce-ready WordPress/WooCommerce website. Read on to learn more about the process and see the finished results.


Branding & Identity

Photography & Videography

Product Packaging Design

Graphic Design

eCommerce Website Design & Development

“Peninsula Agency’s website design and branding expertise took my business, website and sales to a new level.”

– Rodney A., Founder, Eminent Medical Supplies


When conducting product and competitive research at the start of the project, we noticed that many disposable items in hospitals (i.e. latex gloves) lacked creative flair and were quite boring visually. Since this was a new concept, we wanted the product to be eye catching and attractive. We chose a color palette that includes various shades of blues, greens, grey and white. The geometric pattern for the top of the box catches the eye, while the bold logo design visually “explains” the product with a subtle hint of a pouch fitting over the bedrail.


From the start we knew that the package needed to be shaped to fit inside latex glove dispenser at the hospital.
During our research phase we determined that B2C tissue brands provided good examples of dispensable packaging design.
A long time ago these brands determined that if the box is more visually appealing, the user is more likely to choose their tissues over the competitor’s. Since the BedCaddy is a discreet, clear pouch, we wanted to make sure it’s branding, logo, colors and box looked visually appealing and striking – making it a part of the product’s identity.

Packaging Design & Rendering by Blake Weisel


Many of the best inventions are simple concepts that solve universal problems. This is true for the BedCaddy as well! However, even the simplest of new ideas need to be explained and presented well until the target audience is familiar with how it works.

We created a video and custom photography to make sure all of the features & benefits along with how to use the product. This is an example of using product photography with a hover-over explainer tool that allows visitors to interact with the product on the client’s website.

Give it a try by engaging with the flashing bullets…

Product Design by Eminent Medical Supplies / Photo by Joseph Bradford


In order to really show the product in action, we secured a hospital room and partnered with Joseph Bradford to produce a short video.

Video by Joseph Bradford


Quality photography is at the heart of presenting a new product to the world. The goal here is to show exactly how the BedCaddy looks when in use and give an idea of the versatility for both the medical staff and patients.


Photos by Joseph Bradford


The website that we developed for Eminent Medical Supplies and the BedCaddy brand was built with WordPress and uses WooCommerce for the shopping cart. It is clean, straight forward and easy to use with a design that is ready to easily launch new products in the future.

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