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The best brands in the world capture our hearts and minds. This is by building authentic experiences with the promise of more to come. We become part of the same tribe. Does your branding do this successfully? We can help.



Branding is the means of expressing a company’s personality, style and values. It is the promise that the customer comes to expect at the mention of the brand name. This should be a consistent, and cohesive experience for your customer every time in order to develop brand loyalty and a deeper relationship.

Branding ultimately is what the customer thinks of the business and the effect that has on their emotional state. If you can connect with your customer on a deep level and maintain that relationship, you will be rewarded with deep loyalty.

There are many tangible elements of Branding and Identity creation including naming & messaging, logo variations, color palettes, marketing collateral, advertising creative and physical experiences. We can help you bring all of this together with a comprehensive strategy in order to reach your audience effectively – connecting with hearts & minds.


What’s in a name? A lot actually… The name of your business is typically one of the first interactions customers will have with your brand. What does it say about the brand? Does it accurately depict the mood and personality that you wish to convey?

The same goes for your messaging and verbal identity. Does the tone, voice and communication structure match your customer’s needs? We can help you tie all of this together to craft a strong communication strategy.


A brand’s trademark, commonly referred to as a logo, should be a memorable and recognizable symbol for the brand experience. It must be an accurate representation of your brand in order to make a connection with the customer. It also needs to be versatile and work in a variety of situations ranging from small mobile screens to large billboards.

The identity of the brand goes beyond the logo to consider the color palette, fonts and all written communication elements. We can help you with all of it.


We can help you move away from stagnant and boring design and into a look that you will be proud of. Regardless of the complexity of your needs, give us a call and let’s discuss how we can bring some unique creativity to your business.


Regardless of how your customers engage with your brand, we can create the marketing materials needed to give them a seamless experience at all times. From business cards to flyers, hang tags to social media graphics and print ads to billboards – we have you covered.


Part of designing a great brand is setting guidelines on how to use the specific elements of the brand consistently and in different situations. We will create a brand guidelines document to ensure you and third parties will know how to keep your branding consistent every time.


Creating cohesive labels and finding the right packaging can be very challenging and time consuming. We can take the stress out of the process for you by designing and delivering labels and procuring/designing packaging for your products.

Featured Photography by Joseph Bradford and Blake Weisel


We work with a variety of photographers with capabilities for every situation. Whether it is professional headshots, abstract artistic photos, product photography, menu photography or modeling – we have you covered.

Sometimes premium curated stock photography is needed to fill gaps or add a special touch. We have accounts with premium stock services and can curate the right photos to make your business shine.

Featured Photography by Joseph Bradford, Aneris Photography and Blake Weisel


Take a deep dive look into two of our branding, marketing and website design projects.

All of our agency services are intended to work together perfectly.
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The strongest brands that we all know and love provide a sense of comfort. We know what to expect every time we interact with them and buy in to the promise of more to come. We become part of the same tribe. Does your brand do this successfully? If so, awesome. If not, that's ok - we can help.

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The new website looks great, thank you.

B. Slayden

Thank you so much for all of this!! I truly appreciate your help and guidance, and all of the work and time that you put in to make the site look great.

M. F.

I am exceedingly satisfied with my experience. If you engage Peninsula you can rest assured that whatever you asked them to do will be done, and done at a high level.

Steven D.

Peninsula Agency’s website design and branding expertise took my business, website and sales to a new level.

Rodney A.

I've been working with the Peninsula Agency for the last 5 years and it's be a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Excellent Work and a Great Experience.

Joseph B.

So many people come in and tell us they found us through Google now!


Peninsula Agency and Blake Weisel have worked tirelessly to help us and solve our internet problems. You get what you pay for is a reality for most, but Peninsula Agency far surpassed my best expectations. Their professional integrity, their expertise, and their dogged determination to help you succeed is why I highly recommend PA to anyone who uses the internet to promote or expand their business. Peninsula Agency is simply the best.

Ronnie B.

Peninsula Agency helped bring my vision for Steel Birch to reality. With their assistance, I was able to focus on production and business operations while they took care of all my online needs. Ultimately, they helped develop Steel Birch’s brand. Their contribution to my business has been invaluable.

Courtney W.

Working with the good folks at Peninsula has been nothing short of a great experience. They take the time to get to know you, your brand, and what YOU want, and then somehow manage to exceed the expectations set. Our website is clean, easy to update, and just works. Great overall experience!

Brad P.

It has been a pleasure working with Blake, owner of Peninsula Agency! All I can say is results, results, results! Less than a week after launching the new website, Gutters of Charleston, has moved to the front page of google and our leads have increased two-fold!

Burke L.

Absolutely worth it! Could not recommend Peninsula Agency enough for your Web Design and Marketing!

Katie S.

I have a beautiful website that is easy to navigate and provides interesting, useful information to my visitors. I have seen a big jump in patients since signing on with Peninsula Agency.

Katie C.
Marketing Manager


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