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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the strategic process of crafting the structure and content of a website to ensure search engines rank it at the top of the search results.



There are lots of misconceptions about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is the process of making a website rank more favorably in search results, like Google, for relevant search keywords. It is not advertising and cannot be done with the “flick of a switch”. You cannot pay search engines to place your organic search results above a competitor or at the top of the page, but you can hire an expert to take the necessary steps to ensure search engines react favorably to your website over time. It is not a one time event, but a way of life. SEO is an investment in your website’s future as the results become better with age. We can help you determine which keywords people are searching for the most, help you rank at the top of the search engines, and turn visitors into customers. 


Search engine optimization for local businesses comes down to the 4 main categories below. If each of these items are addressed strategically your website will begin to rank well in search engines. We can guide you through each step of the way and take the heavy lifting off of your shoulders. We customize every SEO plan specifically for each client to make sure it is both effective and affordable.

 1. Great Content

Search engines organize the web so that people can find quality information quickly. Simply put, your website needs to have unique, helpful, insightful and thorough copy in order to rank well. We can guide you through this process.

2. Context

It is critical that search engines understand what your website is about. All of your content needs to be highly relevant to the primary topics outlined on each page. This is where keyword research plays a big factor. What are your ideal customers searching for when they go online? We need to make sure your content addresses this so search engines clearly understand what your website’s purpose for existing is.

3. Website Structure

The front and back end technical details play a big role in how your website will rank. The URL structures, the page titles and descriptions and many more small but important factors help bring all of the content on the site together in preparation for submitting it to be indexed.

4.  Index & Monitor

Once everything is properly organized on the website it is time to submit it to the search engines to be indexed. In order to track how your website ranks and continually optimize it we leverage our Real-Time SEO Monitoring tools. You can learn more about SEO Monitoring below.

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With the Peninsula Agency SEO Analytics Platform you have real-time access to see your website traffic patterns, your ranking for top keywords, how you compare to your competitors and the checklist to guide the way for improvements.

We provide our clients with access to this platform on a self-service bases or through our managed monthly SEO services. Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo and get your website graded for free.

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Have you ever wondered how you stack up to your competitors and which keywords they are actively targeting? Now you can find your answers for both organic and paid traffic all in one convenient location. Want us to manage it for you? No problem! Just tell us your top competitors and we will do the dirty work for you.


With our managed search engine optimization service you can sit back and relax while we implement a strategy for your website based on search traffic patterns and the competition. If you like to have a hands on approach, you can check your website stats anytime.


Whether you have a brand new website and you want to take the next steps to stimulate traffic or you’ve had your website for a while and feel like it’s not getting the results you expect, our SEO platform will help you understand your opportunities for growth.


How do you know if SEO is working? Your organic search traffic should be increasing consistently along with new leads & business. Our Search Engine Optimization and Analytics tools allow you to quickly check in and see how your traffic patterns look throughout the month.

Search Engine Optimization and Paid Advertising go Hand in Hand. We do not recommend one without the other and can explain why.
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Our SEO services give you all of the tools you need to finally feel in control of your online presence. Whether you are versed in SEO and just need a tool to bring it all together, or you would like us to manage it all for you, we can take your website to the next level. Fill out this form and we will contact you to schedule a demo and consultation.

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The new website looks great, thank you.

B. Slayden

Thank you so much for all of this!! I truly appreciate your help and guidance, and all of the work and time that you put in to make the site look great.

M. F.

I am exceedingly satisfied with my experience. If you engage Peninsula you can rest assured that whatever you asked them to do will be done, and done at a high level.

Steven D.

Peninsula Agency’s website design and branding expertise took my business, website and sales to a new level.

Rodney A.

I've been working with the Peninsula Agency for the last 5 years and it's be a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Excellent Work and a Great Experience.

Joseph B.

So many people come in and tell us they found us through Google now!


Peninsula Agency and Blake Weisel have worked tirelessly to help us and solve our internet problems. You get what you pay for is a reality for most, but Peninsula Agency far surpassed my best expectations. Their professional integrity, their expertise, and their dogged determination to help you succeed is why I highly recommend PA to anyone who uses the internet to promote or expand their business. Peninsula Agency is simply the best.

Ronnie B.

Peninsula Agency helped bring my vision for Steel Birch to reality. With their assistance, I was able to focus on production and business operations while they took care of all my online needs. Ultimately, they helped develop Steel Birch’s brand. Their contribution to my business has been invaluable.

Courtney W.

Working with the good folks at Peninsula has been nothing short of a great experience. They take the time to get to know you, your brand, and what YOU want, and then somehow manage to exceed the expectations set. Our website is clean, easy to update, and just works. Great overall experience!

Brad P.

It has been a pleasure working with Blake, owner of Peninsula Agency! All I can say is results, results, results! Less than a week after launching the new website, Gutters of Charleston, has moved to the front page of google and our leads have increased two-fold!

Burke L.

Absolutely worth it! Could not recommend Peninsula Agency enough for your Web Design and Marketing!

Katie S.

I have a beautiful website that is easy to navigate and provides interesting, useful information to my visitors. I have seen a big jump in patients since signing on with Peninsula Agency.

Katie C.
Marketing Manager


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